Saturday, June 30, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Dawson's Bear Cave

Today, I get to introduce you to our newest shop in town.  
It is a great little shop that carries a variety of different sauces, mustards, dips and jellies.
 Most of their items you can sample, except for their 
exotic jerky.  
I was thrilled to see their extensive jerky selection.
  I had to try at least a few...
So, I bought the Alligator, Antelope and Elk to start... 
 The Alligator to me, tasted like Chicken, 
but a little on the dry side.  
The Antelope, pack I got was really seasoned heavily with black pepper and was also a tougher meat to me. 
 Then the Elk, it was flavored the best for my tastes, 
but was a little on the tough side.
  There are more that I want to go back & try, these were just the ones that I decided to try first time out.
  There is a section where you can get packaged snacks like banana chips, sesame sticks & chocolate covered peanuts.  There were several more kinds, but I didn't feel the
 need to name each one.  
They also have a cooler with different types of 
meat sticks and sausages. 
 I also found that they stock different shelled peanuts as well as a few different cheeses to choose from. 
 All in all, I was really impressed with this little shop that just came to be in our Historic Ashtabula Harbor. 
 I know that I will be making several more 
trips there as I was impressed.
  I hope that you will check them out!  
Here is the link to their Facebook page 
They are located at:
1127 Bridge Street
Ashtabula, OH 44004
Hours of Operation:
Open 7 Days a week

Friday, June 29, 2012

Fantastic Foodie Friday~ Natural Bad Breath Fixes

           Mints & mouthwash aren’t the only way to freshen up.                  
The truth is, they only mask the problem. 
I found that Dr. Oz has a host of natural bad-breath fighters that will help you smile big.  
I know that you may be wondering why I am using this as a Fantastic Foodie Friday Blog entry.
 I think that with all we eat, we need to know that their is an arsenal of natural things we can do 
to combat the bad breath that comes with some of the food we love to eat.  
I hope that you will find this helpful and informative.
Bon Appitite!

Cinnamon Gum
Cinnamon gum contains cinnamic aldehyde, a plant essential oil used for flavoring. This oil doesn’t just cover up bad breath, it actually reduces the amount of bacteria in your saliva by 50%.

Fish Oil Supplement
It may seem counterintuitive, but the omega-3s in fish oil are proven to reduce inflammation and bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. Either take a fish oil supplement or incorporate more fish into your diet to experience these benefits. Click here to quiz yourself on additional benefits of fish.

Magnolia Bark Extract
This natural ingredient contains the compounds magnolol and honokiol, which have potent antibacterial properties. This extract has been shown to kill most oral bacteria that cause bad breath within 30 minutes. It’s often found in mints and toothpaste.


Celery is good at fighting bad breath because it’s full of fiber. Fiber-rich foods help produce saliva, which helps to wash away plaque build-up, a cause of halitosis. Carrots and apples are other good, fiber-rich snack options.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C can help prevent gum disease and gingivitis – major causes of bad breath. By eating foods rich in vitamin C, you also create an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth. Chow down on citrus fruits like oranges, or grab some berries and melons to get your daily dose of vitamin C.

Black Tea
Black tea helps keep your breath smelling sweet because it is full of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that stop plaque from clinging to your teeth. Plaque build-up leads to bad breath, among another dental problems. Studies have also found polyphenols inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth, thus minimizing the foul-smelling compounds that those bacteria produce.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


"We All Need Saving"

Come on, come on
You have got to move on
This is not the you i know
This isn't real
It's just all you can feel
And that's the way that feelings go
And whether or not it's right or wrong you'll do what you will do

When the cloud in the sky starts to pour
And your life is just a storm you're braving
Don't tell yourself you can't lean on someone else
Cause we all need saving sometimes

Say what you will but the time that we fill
While we're on the earth
Should not be alone
We were meant to be known
You make me what i'm worth
But i can't keep you from yourself you'll do what you will do

I don't know why it has to be this way and
I don't know the cure
But please believe someone has felt this before

Tonight this song came to me 
as if someone was guiding me to it...
I decided that I would share it 
with you...
In the rush of life,
 sometimes we never know 
when someone needs to hear that 
they are not alone...
Some are grieving,
others are fighting,
many are braving storms...
Through it all,
we don't have to face it alone...
We just have to reach out,
know that 
there is someone that will
help us weather the storm...
It is not their job to save us
from it...
but to guide us through
till we reach the other side...
No matter how alone you may 
feel in the moment...
Know that there is 
someone that is 
willing to be that 
port in the storm for you...
They will help to shelter you,
give you comfort 
Love you...
Till you feel strong enough
to carry on...
Life is tough,
no one would tell you
it is easy...
But that being said,
it is worth it...
Every day, 
every hour
Everyone needs someone,
you don't have to go it alone...
You just have to confide
in someone...
in your Heart
You are Loved...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Simple Beauty~

Have you ever sat back and watched 
the sky change?
As the day starts to slip away 
the night creeps in...
Every second the colors are 
changing, the clouds are 
shifting the intensity is 
diminshing from the sky...
For many, you know 
my attraction to butterflies.
Tonight, as I looked up at the sky
I happened to see a huge butterfly 
looking back at me...
See if you can see it in the picture...
I felt at peace in that moment.
Sometimes with all that is going 
on in our lives we forget to seek 
out the simple beauty.
You don't have to take a "break the bank" 
vacation to find a piece of heaven.
Sometimes, you just need to 
step out your front door 
find the beauty 
that is there.
Maybe, you haven't noticed
because you have been too
wrapped up in other things 
to see it.
If you look close enough, 
you can find simple beauty 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Some of us only face fear when it comes to us.
Others run towards it 
and some,
 become frozen 
by it's very existence...
We all need to realise that at some point we
will be afraid of something.
For some it will be heights, others snakes
and some choices...
Do I give up the known for 
the unknown?
Do I take a risk
or play it safe?
Do I take the chemo
or just live each day as it presents it's self?
Each of us has to make our 
own decisions & be comfortable 
making them.
Fear will find us many times 
during our life and each time
we will be in a different place and circumstances.
But one thing is sure,
at some point you will have to face 
your fears...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Motivational Monday~ Purge

Today's Topic~ 
You may not see the relivence of this,
but let me try to explain...
I will be using myself as an example 
as I don't know if you can even relate to this.
As the years have gone by I have become a 
collector as some would say of "Trinkets".
I looked at them as keepsakes from moments
spent doing things I loved, or 
trying to hold on to people that I loved.
Wanting to hold on to moments that had gone by.
Now, at this point of my life...
I know that these things that I have collected
though wonderful memories each one holds...
Need to be purged...
They are holding me back from where I need to be,
and the person I want to become...
This also goes for clothes.
The clothes I hope to fit into one day
or get back to...
I am tired of trying to fit into something 
that no longer is me.
I need to be beautiful and comfortable 
with the me that is now.
That is not to say that I stop trying to 
achieve my goals.
 I just learn to let go 
of beating myself up over the fact that 
is not where I am now, at this point...
Life is a Journey,
we change as the time goes by...
Life has a way of molding us
through experiences.
Some good, others not so good
and each one leaves a print on us,
but through all of it we grow...
We need to hold on to the sweet memories
by any means possible,
but if they keep you from reaching 
your potential or goals...
You might want to sit back 
have that long talk with yourself
and then allow yourself to let go of the 
"Trinkets" but not the memories they held...
Keep Moving Forward...

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sometimes saying things simply,
but meaning them with your whole 
heart is the truest thing you can do...
Unperfect me...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Twisted Twigs

Tonight, I have the pleasure of introducing you to the Twisted Twigs.
It has just found a new home, in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor.
Kourtney, has brought the beautiful works of nature into artwork.
The art work is simple beauty. 
Wall art to bring your personality home.
Say it in words or in the simplicity of a star on the wall.
No matter how you want to display your personality,
Kourtney has found something that will speak to you.
 You can reach Kourtney at k_martin
The shop address is: 1024 Bridge Street 
Ashtabula, Ohio 
Shop Hours:
Tuesday-Thursday: 11-6
Friday-Saturday: 11-7
Sunday: 12-5
Help support our local business.
They are the backbone of our community.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fantastic Foodie Friday~ Hangover Cure Prickly Pear Cocktail

Studies have shown that drinking an 8 ounce glass of prickly pear juice within five hours of consuming alcohol can help you to avoid a hangover. Try this virgin cocktail after your next night out!  So, the next time you decide to have a night out, you might want to try this and see if it works for you.   

8 oz prickly pear juice
8 oz lemonade
1 sprig of fresh mint

Blend with ice. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have never watched the show,
but I found this quote and it spoke to me...
Life is an ever changing journey,
we are constantly moving and growing...
The one thing that should be an ever constant,
never changing truth, is knowing 
the person in the mirror...
Never losing site of the person that 
is reflected back from the glass...
We all will go through 
but through it all...
We should never forget 
to be true to our self...
Never give so much of yourself 
 That you have nothing 
left for yourself...
Be Kind,
the person that looks 
back at you from the reflection...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The truth is this...
When you sit in the Dr.'s office
and you hear the words that you 
have been dreading...
How do you react?
Do you protect those that you love
by keeping the secret?!? 
Do you 
tell them the truth?
I have talked with many 
women who are going through 
their own struggles with their 
and I have found one simple 
truth to it...
Each one does what she feels is 
right in the situation.
No judgement on my part, 
as I have never walked in their shoes.
I have watched people 
who find out that they are sick
doing all they can to protect those 
that they love...
Prolonging the pain ultimately
 they think that they will cause by 
telling those closest to them...
Do they trust in the fact that
love will see them through
the uncertainty that lies ahead?
God knows that when 
you sit in that chair and hear
the words "You have Cancer",
your mind will flood with a 
million emotions, questions
and what do I do now?
Take time for yourself,
be kind to yourself,
 Trust in yourself...