Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 thru my Eyes~

I have done some soul searching 
 decided to revamp my blog.
Call it progress...
This year,
 I am throwing out a Challenge.
 If you will...
This can take on many forms, 
should you decide to do it. 
365 days from now,
 you will be able to look back at this
  if nothing else,
see 365 pictures of life thru your own eyes.
My hope is that you will look back
seeing so much more...
Here it Goes...
The Challenge~
 Should you decide to accept it.
Each day you will take a picture of yourself.
here is where things get interesting...
You don't always have to take a picture of just
 your Beautiful Face...
Depending on how you wish to do this, 
it will change the out come.
For me, 
I will turn the blog into where I will post 
my pictures & write about it.
I will say up front, 
I will not be posting any overly revealing
 pictures of myself.
My Blog, Challenge, & Choice.
Others may chose to do theirs differently...
to keep this challenge to it's purpose.
I ask that you have no more than 4 pictures in a month, 
that are taken by someone else...
it will truly be your vision.
Final part for now...
Every Monday, 
I will throw out a extra challenge...
Call it a guide...
A way to keep things Fresh & Fun...
I hope you all will join & invite others to join in.
You can post your pictures 
choose to keep them just for yourself.
Here is to 365 days of the World through my 
( Your )

Remembering 2013 ~

As the year comes to a close,
 we look back at moments gone by...
A personal journey of 365 days that have past.
Memories of Triumphs, Laughter,
Elation, Dreams coming to Fruition, 
Goals Met, Ideas being formed, 
Exploring, taking Chances, 
welling up with Pride, and New Beginnings...
Then there were moments of,
Sadness, Tears, Heartbreak & even some Fears,
Farewells, Defeats & Disappointments.
With each experience,
we Grew...
We Learned new things.
Though we always want the Sunshine 
& Blue Sky's,
we must accept the days that are Grey 
& Rainy...
They bring us the total experience...
A Life Lived.
Never Forget the Power of ONE
Don't let Anyone Define You...
Chase your Dreams,
Defy your Fears
Keep Exploring!
May 2014 Challenge You 
take you down roads not Traveled...
Keep Believing and Never Give Up.
Have a Happy, Healthy & Safe
New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve~

 I went to Church...
Not because I truly felt like it, but because I needed to...
Since moving to NC I had not even attempted to find a Church.
I have just felt lost...
The last time I truly felt part of a Church 
was when I was growing up in Virginia.
Not for lack of trying, I promise you...
VPC, it wasn't just a Church to me... 
It was an extension of my Family.
Some of my Dearest Friends I met there...
So tonight, I decided to try again...
All I can tell you is that,
I felt like the Minister was talking right to me...
After service, I went and took some pictures...
Going up to the tree to look at all of the decorations...
I had to catch my breath...
Holding back tears...
Every ornament was made with Pearls...
Maybe you don't believe in signs, 
but tonight, I felt like a message was sent to me...
I got it...
Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Challenge Accepted~

I had the pleasure of talking to a very special lady today.
She told me at one point,
 that I was beautiful.
My first reaction, 
though not voiced...
Was my mind racing to all the negative things.
Why is it so hard to accept a compliment?
Lack of confidence?
She reminded me that there is a fine line
between worthiness and conceit.
I wrestled with the concept.
She went on to say that 
we need to empower ourselves.
Her example,
when someone tells you 
that you are awesome.
Say, WE are awesome...
The reaction is pretty wonderful
and it will empower you.
She went on to remind me that 
I haven't blogged in a while...
Challenge Accepted.
With the New Year right around the corner,
we should all try to learn to accept a compliment.
Not only empower ourselves but others.
I can tell you it leaves a long lasting 
effect on the person that you have given it to.
You are Beautiful...