Sunday, October 27, 2013

To my Pink Family~

As the Tampa 3~Day is coming to a close,
we hold on to all of the magical moments 
that we have come to know in our sister city.
It is a bitter sweet moment as this is for now,
the last 3~Day that is to be held in Tampa.
I hope that one day it will return 
as the walk is amazing, and the support 
is wonderful there.
I am sending my Love & Thoughts 
to everyone that Walked, Crewed, Staffed
& Stalked...
Each one of you is my Hero...
I hope that you will continue the Journey 
in another place next year...
Thank you for all you have done...
Rest easy & know that each one of you has 
made a Difference!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Motivational Monday~ Stand for Something

We all have at least one thing 
that we are passionate about, 
but are we willing to fight for it?
I have come to realise that sadly, some are not.  
For whatever reason, 
we are afraid to make our passions known,
 and if necessary fighting for them.
So, I ask you today...
Are you willing to fight for your passion?
I am!
I will not stay silent,
I will not quit trying,
I will not pass up an opportunity...
This is your life...
Take ownership of it.
Don't let others dictate your Journey.
If it is your passion, go after it.
Don't let others deter you from your goals.
At the end of the day,
when the world goes silent.
You are left with only the person that 
reflects back in the mirror...
Are you being true to that person?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Honor, Remember & Never Forget~

As many of you know earlier this year I was working on a project, 
"A Pearl to Bridget".  
You all helped us to make it an Amazing tribute to a beautiful woman
 who did so much for so many in her short time with us. 
Pearl Paradise was so instrumental in the vision of what we wanted to do 
with A Pearl to Bridget.
 They delivered above and beyond our wildest imagination.  
I have the honor to be able to tell you that they have once again graced us with their 
generosity and talent for delivering superior quality as well as timeless beauty.
Alisen, who was my right hand during the project has been in talks with Pearl Paradise.
They have come up with a breathtaking pendant that I know many of you will want for your very own.
Each of us can now carry a small piece of Bridget with us 
each time we wear this stunning piece of jewelry.
This piece was crafted with just as much love, time and attention 
as the collection that was presented to Bridget.
 If that wasn't enough, 100% of the proceeds will be given back 
to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day by way of "Bridget's Birgade" 
who will be walking in her memory in San Diego.
I have included the link so you can order yours today.
They will only be making 500 of these pendants.
This is your chance to not only have a treasured piece of jewelry,
but to support a charity that Bridget believed in & 
gave so much of her life doing so, 
to help others fighting breast cancer.
We will Never Forget...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm Back~

It has been quite a while since I have written...
Not that I have had nothing to say,
but my life has had many changes over the last few months.
I have moved to North Carolina,
travled many miles,
 pursued my dream job
and now... 
I can say that I am actively doing what I Love...
It is still in the infant stages,
but you have to start somewhere.
So, every day I take the kids to school 
 then, I am off to try to make new connections 
and build from there.
Currently I am working on a name
and a design for the business.
In just the short time that I have been here 
I have already developed a small client base, 
have a few of my prints hanging in a business 
some future photo shoots booked.
I hope that once I develop a name for myself
with my work, 
I will be able to put a percentage towards my 
future walks with Susan G. Komen 3-Day.
I have new businesses to share with you 
in the coming months so check back often!
Hope you all have been well since you last sat down to read my blog.
I have missed not writing every day,
but as you know,
sometimes you just have to take care of pressing matters 
and do what you can when you can...
In closing,
it is the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
If you have not done so,
check yourself, make apointments if need be and follow up!
The life you save might just be your own...