Saturday, March 1, 2014

8 isn't that Great~

Call it Spring Fever?!?
Right now I am trying to find some new inspiration 
for my pictures and topics.
Thought that this would be easy to do.
You know what...
Not so much.
It is hard to put yourself into every picture 

take it at the same time.
Who Knew?!?
I have now gone an Amazing 8 days without posting,
but who's counting???
Here's a recap of what I have been up to.
I started to wonder if a different eye color 
would/could be me.
This was just one that I tried, but the woman 
at the place I was at thought I was crazy to want to 
do anything other than my own eye color.
Had to laugh when someone said my hair looked 
like a pink candy cane.
Guess they were kinda right.
Healthy shake with cranberries & cinnamon.
It actually turned out quite well.
My tiny cheat was having Dark Chocolate 
covered Ginger....
Me, playing around with candy lips.
This is as close as I will be to having lips like
Angelina Jolie.
Two great lunch dates back to back.
Day one, Tristin.
Very next day, Tyler...
Finally, I found a new drink.
I have never been a fan of mango,
but it really works in this drink!
Skinnygirl Sparklers
this one was Tangerine Mango.
I have stayed away from soda or any fizzy drinks
for two months now.
This won't be a regular thing,
but it is a fun break from all the flavored 
waters I have been making.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Four Days~

Well, here is the quick down & dirty for the last 
four days.
I have been slack,
 ( to say the least in my writing )
I have been taking the pictures,
just lacking in the delivery.
I had the knife break in my 
That was an interesting out of the 
blue experience.
Wasn't bad, just hurt like...
I decided it was time I took a 
picture with Lynn who is one of 
my favorite WWII Veterans.
I spend many a morning talking with him
and enjoy every second.
I have been working on eating healthier 
and I just love Sushi.
I decided to take a break from the norm 
& find my way to a Sushi bar...
Nom, nom, nom.
This morning,
I went and had Blueberry Pancakes 
at my favorite spot.
Nothing like a stack of 3 to bring a Smile 
back to my face.
what a week.
Ready to sit on the deck 
Already sounds like Spring 
in the back woods.
Going to go commune with nature.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Simple Reminder~

I went to the coffee shop to spend time 
with the Veterans like I often do.
We got on a discussion 
that really bothered me.
I make it a point when I go to see them
that I do not bring in any outside garbage.
When I walk through the door,
I leave all darkness on the outside.
You see,
most of them have already 
seen & lived in Hell.
When I greet them I usually say 
something chipper like,
"Hello Handsome"!
Some willingly accept the compliment
others have a hard time seeing past
the time ravaged outwards appearance.
There is one Veteran 
that I see most every day that 
I am just drawn to.
He was a bomber piolet in WWII.
today he asked me why I waste 
so much time there with all the 
"old guys", listening to their stories.
I told him that I don't see it 
as a waste.
I see the beauty in each one of them.
Even though time and sickness have
taken a toll on many of them,
I can see past all of that.
As we were taking I was fidgeting 
with my bracelet/ hair tie,
then I realized...
It was BEAUTY.
A simple reminder,
there is beauty in everything.
You just have to be willing to look 
for it.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday & Sunday~

The left is Saturday, the craving for something sweet.
That ended up in my hands.
( Only long enough to take the picture )
The Picture on the right is Sunday.
Once again, 
I wanted something sweet, 
but this time I bought the strawberries.
We have choices.
Fake or Real?!?
What are we treating out bodies to?
It is always easier to reach for the left.
I challenge you to reach for the right.
Every day decisions lead to our 
over all health.
If you are going to give yourself a gift,
be it one of health...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearts & Flowers~

Yes, today is the day that 
most people have rushed out to 
find that perfect gift for a loved one.
Anything from the traditional Candy Hearts,
Stuffed Animals, Flowers & the Hallmark Card
( to express everything that you can't seem to do yourself. )
To the Extravagant gifts of Jewelry, Trips & Vehicles.
( Not that I have the first hand experience with the trips & vehicles, but I have heard it happens. )
I took my first trip to the local mall here in NC.
Had to replace something that met with an 
unfortunate accident.
Once I was done with that.
 I decided to 
"window shop".
I have no idea how this ring jumped onto my 
finger, but there it was.
I admired it for a while sitting on my finger,
then gave it back to the girl behind the counter.
She was all too eager to try to sell it to me.
I just told her...
I would rather get a gift that is given to me for 
"no reason" or "just because" 
instead of because it is a certain date on the calendar.
Maybe it's just me...
I don't begrudge anyone that is in Love 
with Valentines Day or all that it stands for.
Just don't judge me too harshly 
because I don't have hearts in my eyes...