Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearts & Flowers~

Yes, today is the day that 
most people have rushed out to 
find that perfect gift for a loved one.
Anything from the traditional Candy Hearts,
Stuffed Animals, Flowers & the Hallmark Card
( to express everything that you can't seem to do yourself. )
To the Extravagant gifts of Jewelry, Trips & Vehicles.
( Not that I have the first hand experience with the trips & vehicles, but I have heard it happens. )
I took my first trip to the local mall here in NC.
Had to replace something that met with an 
unfortunate accident.
Once I was done with that.
 I decided to 
"window shop".
I have no idea how this ring jumped onto my 
finger, but there it was.
I admired it for a while sitting on my finger,
then gave it back to the girl behind the counter.
She was all too eager to try to sell it to me.
I just told her...
I would rather get a gift that is given to me for 
"no reason" or "just because" 
instead of because it is a certain date on the calendar.
Maybe it's just me...
I don't begrudge anyone that is in Love 
with Valentines Day or all that it stands for.
Just don't judge me too harshly 
because I don't have hearts in my eyes...

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