Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Yum~

 It seems here in my little corner of NC
that the snow effectively shut down the whole area.
So, Spring Cleaning came early to my place.
I managed to wash all of the clothes,
linens & blankets.
Vacuum and scrub the floors.
I took some photos of the 
"Winter Wonderland" 
from my terrace,
because no one wanted to venture
 past the complex.
For dinner,
 I decided to try making my 
own Spaghetti Sauce.
Have to say, 
for my first time...
Not so bad!
Managed to hide some veggies in the 
sauce, while reducing the salt & sugar.
It felt good to make something new
and know that I can make 
a healthier version of it
myself instead of having to 
rely on the store bought alternative.
I still cheated with the crescent rolls,
but baby steps!
Rome wasn't built in a day!

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