Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back in the Jungle~

No rest for the weary...
 it was back out into the jungle.
Taking the boys to school,
running limited errands
then homework.
Have to admit,
I took a few cat naps today.
Drinking lots & lots of 
water & cranberry juice.
Made a phone call back to the 
hospital to inform them of 
my experience on Saturday 
and how I was mis-diagnosed.
Will they do anything or follow up?!?
Who knows,
but at least I did my part by
telling them my story 
they can take it from there.
If I have learned nothing else
in this life...
I have learned that you must 
speak up for yourself.
It is nice if you have someone
that is there and can do it on your
behalf, but if that is not the 
case, make a point of doing it for 
You may not only end up 
saving your life, 
 you might just save someone else's
as well...

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