Monday, February 17, 2014

Simple Reminder~

I went to the coffee shop to spend time 
with the Veterans like I often do.
We got on a discussion 
that really bothered me.
I make it a point when I go to see them
that I do not bring in any outside garbage.
When I walk through the door,
I leave all darkness on the outside.
You see,
most of them have already 
seen & lived in Hell.
When I greet them I usually say 
something chipper like,
"Hello Handsome"!
Some willingly accept the compliment
others have a hard time seeing past
the time ravaged outwards appearance.
There is one Veteran 
that I see most every day that 
I am just drawn to.
He was a bomber piolet in WWII.
today he asked me why I waste 
so much time there with all the 
"old guys", listening to their stories.
I told him that I don't see it 
as a waste.
I see the beauty in each one of them.
Even though time and sickness have
taken a toll on many of them,
I can see past all of that.
As we were taking I was fidgeting 
with my bracelet/ hair tie,
then I realized...
It was BEAUTY.
A simple reminder,
there is beauty in everything.
You just have to be willing to look 
for it.

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