Monday, February 3, 2014


Since Friday,
 I have been really quiet.
Trying to take care of myself.
By Saturday night I couldn't
stand the pain any more.
I went to the ER.
 After many 
hours of being left alone in a room,
the "brilliant" Dr. came back 
 to tell me that he thought it 
was a virus & here are some meds,
 come back if the condition gets worse...
I walked into the ER with a temp of 105,
doubled over in pain 
very dehydrated.
How much worse exactly do I have 
to get to come back?!?
In the time that I was there 
the only thing he did was order
a urine test to make sure I wasn't
Walking in, I could tell him I 
but how could I know that 
as a mere mortal?!?
after being given medication
for symptoms that I didn't have.
I came back to the apt & stayed 
curled up until this morning.
After a whole day wasted in the
ER once again.
I Actually had a competent
Dr. this time.
 He gave me a real exam,
blood test & once again urine,
then off to X-Ray.
Got back & was hooked up to 
a rather fast dripping IV.
3 bags of fluid later...
Come to find out I have 
a really bad Kidney Infection.
I could complain,
but what is the point.
Bottom line is,
you have to be your own 
health advocate.
If you feel one Dr. isn't 
listening or treating you properly,
seek the advice of another.
After all, 
it is your body.


  1. :( I hope you are feing better soon XO

  2. That's crazy. The unfortunate thing is, I'll bet that happens all the time :( Hope you feel better asap!!

  3. You know your body better than anyone! Don't ever let them tell you different. You know the story about my mom's GI complaints (ovarian CA) being brushed off as stress...