Saturday, March 1, 2014

8 isn't that Great~

Call it Spring Fever?!?
Right now I am trying to find some new inspiration 
for my pictures and topics.
Thought that this would be easy to do.
You know what...
Not so much.
It is hard to put yourself into every picture 

take it at the same time.
Who Knew?!?
I have now gone an Amazing 8 days without posting,
but who's counting???
Here's a recap of what I have been up to.
I started to wonder if a different eye color 
would/could be me.
This was just one that I tried, but the woman 
at the place I was at thought I was crazy to want to 
do anything other than my own eye color.
Had to laugh when someone said my hair looked 
like a pink candy cane.
Guess they were kinda right.
Healthy shake with cranberries & cinnamon.
It actually turned out quite well.
My tiny cheat was having Dark Chocolate 
covered Ginger....
Me, playing around with candy lips.
This is as close as I will be to having lips like
Angelina Jolie.
Two great lunch dates back to back.
Day one, Tristin.
Very next day, Tyler...
Finally, I found a new drink.
I have never been a fan of mango,
but it really works in this drink!
Skinnygirl Sparklers
this one was Tangerine Mango.
I have stayed away from soda or any fizzy drinks
for two months now.
This won't be a regular thing,
but it is a fun break from all the flavored 
waters I have been making.

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