Monday, June 10, 2013

Motivational Monday~ My Hero

Tonight, I watched one of the most emotional movies
 that I think I have ever seen.
It has touched me in the most profound way. 
 I wish that every person would take 
the time to watch this movie.
It reminds us that we have an Amazing Legacy
that is still here and we need to 
Honor them, now...
Time is fleeting,
we need to Honor those Men and Woman 
who fought for our Freedoms.
I am going to ask for something.
For My Father, My Hero...
You see, he is a World War II Veteran.
He is planning on taking a flight
that is not just a trip,
but a journey into the past.
To have the chance to see 
that even though when he came home
so many years ago, and packed away all of his 
military gear and memories,
and got to work taking care of his family...
For him to know that his service and all those that he fought with 
are so vital to our Freedom that we cherish today.
So many have never had the chance to go to Washington DC
to see the Memorials that were built in Honor 
of those who fought for our Freedoms.
This September, My Father will get that chance.
He will be flying to Washington DC on an Honor Flight.
Tonight, I am asking each one of you
if you would take a moment, 
to write a letter, send a card or picture which will 
be given to my Father at his final mail call on the way home.
When my Father was in the service, 
 mail call was always the brightest moment of the day.
They didn't have e-mails, faxes, facebook or any of the 
things we have today to keep in touch.
It was mail call, that most of the military lived and died by.
To get a letter from their loved ones to hear how 
things were and just to hear words of love.
As a Marine serving, 
I can remember how much a letter from home,
 from a friend or even  from someone I may have never met
meant to me.  
The words of encouragement could help me in my 
times of struggle, no matter what I was facing at the time.
I, to this day, still have each one that was sent to me.
If you want to help me Honor my Hero, my Father
would you please send me what you want him to receive  
at his final mail call.
I will be putting a package together for him to get.
Thank you in advance for your time and for helping 
me to Honor a man who has helped to shape me into the 
person I am today.
Charles W. Humes
665 Tall Trees Drive
Ashtabula, OH 44004
If you want to learn more about the Honor Flight here is another link.

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  1. Malinda,
    Your father will be very touch with any kind of communication.