Sunday, July 21, 2013

Follow your Heart~

I have spent the past few months 
going back & forth as to when I would 
make the trip to go see my Grandmother.
Something always seemed to come up.
When I woke up this morning, 
I decided that she was where my 
heart was...
A breast cancer survivor,
  she is one of my reasons for joining the 3~Day.
With the impending move 
only two weeks away, 
I had to make the trip now.
It was one of the hardest trips to make.
Not knowing if or when 
I would be seeing her again.
I don't have many pictures with her, 
because I am always behind the camera.
Tristin took this picture for me.
I will cherish it always,
for many reasons.
It was a long day,
but I am glad that I went.
You never know what tomorrow 
will bring,
so I followed my heart today...


  1. this is so sweet love u to death for all u do girl....

  2. love u girl for all u do and continue to do god bless u....