Monday, July 15, 2013

Motivational Monday~ Self Talk

With all that we are told on a daily 
basis and through our lives,
maybe the most important things
that we need to hear
should come from within.
Anyone can tell you 
that you are beautiful, 
but if you don't believe it
what does it really mean?
Or if someone says something
that is mean spirited, 
do you have to take it to heart?
We need to believe in ourselves,
to love who we are
to realize that there is 
no other like us.
We need to make choices for our 
lives and not be so concerned 
with what "others" will think.
We need to learn to appriciate 
our own feelings and thoughts.
For you see,
when you start letting others
change the way you think,
act or believe
you are betraying the beautiful 
soul that makes you so special.
We can not be everything to everyone,
no matter how we might try.
So, sit down and tell that special someone
that they are important,
they have self worth 
that they are beautiful.
Look in the mirror and 
appriciate that soul that is looking 
back at you...
For you see,
there will never be another 
quite like you.

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