Friday, March 29, 2013

Box of Crayons~

Every day it seems as if we are challenged.
When I was growing up, maybe it was because 
I was young, or times were just different.
It seemed to me that there was less 
discord and general unhappiness.
I don't understand why we can't 
appriciate others 
for what makes them 
Why do some find it their personal 
mission to tear at other people who 
are different 
 who have different opinions?!?
I guess I am just at a place in my 
life right now where 
I am trying to find 
Quiet, Peace & Harmony.
We don't have to agree,
but don't make it your mission 
to tear me apart...
Just live your life the way you see fit.
I Love You for who you are...
Why can't you Love me,
for who I am?

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