Monday, March 25, 2013

Motivational Monday~ Self Inflicted Disability

Have you ever had "one of those days",
but it became so much worse once your 
attitude soured?!?
It can be a bad day already,
but once you let go of any perspective...
The day can almost instantly go into 
the circular bin...
Chalk it up to a learning experience,
or just one of those days...
Like exercise for the body,
we need to condition ourselves 
with our attitudes.
We can't always prepare for what will be,
but maybe if we put a little more thought &
time into our reactions we wouldn't 
have so many "bad days"...
I love the character Eeyore,
but dragging around that grey sky 
all of the time must be exhausting.
He reminds me of who I never want to be.
I don't want to be defined as poor pittiful 
me or the sky is always dark in my world.
In the world we live in,
 there will always
be people that we run across that 
have a bad attitude...
I just am making the concious 
not to be one of them...

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