Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sometimes Easier than Said~

We have a tenancy to take things for  
We are never so sure of this fact, 
 until we are faced with a moment 
where we no longer have it. 
for me it was the most  
basic of functions. 
To breathe... 
Gasping for breath. 
Having no energy. 
Yes, even turning blue. 
Feeling like my life was slipping  
thru my fingers. 
However when you are faced 
with not being able to do the most  
basic thing... 
You begin to appreciate what you have 
taken for granted...
Going to the ER alone, 
getting rushed to the back then
having a medical team swarm around you
 is pretty surreal. 
Your mind racing, 
not knowing what will come next.
After a few hours of being  
hooked up to machines, 
being poked, prodded  
and having an ER staff attend to me. 
I was released. 
With a new view... 
It only takes a second for what you  
have to be stripped. 
You can have everything 
then nothing... 
Every breath is a gift. 
Don't waste it... 
You never know when it could be  
your last... 

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