Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fresh Face~

As part of my Journey this
year it includes taking better 
care of myself.
Not just as to what I am 
putting into my body,
but on it as well.
I am working on letting 
go of all the toxic things 
that we as women use 
in the quest for beauty.
This is a fresh face mask 
from Lush.
They have 9 different masks to 
pick from, so you can try them 
all if you are interested.
I Love this company!
I found it a few years ago,
none of the products are tested on 
animals, & the products are 
all natural. 
This face mask needs to 
stay refrigerated because it 
is made of fresh products and 
has no fillers.
They will ship most items
except for these.
So, you either have to be
close to a store or be willing
to drive to get them.
Well worth the drive!
So, sit back
relax & 
enjoy the pampering...

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