Friday, January 3, 2014

Quiet Moments~

It is in moments like this that I will 
cherish & hold on to.
Tristin no longer wants to snuggle, 
but today at a memorial service he 
reminded me that I am still loved.
As I tried to hold back my tears, 
he put his arm around me 
patting my back telling me everything 
would be alright.
I can't see into the future,
but I am holding on to the precious 
moments I have with them now.
Every special second.
I know a time will come where 
I don't get to see them every single day.
They will go out into the world 
and make it their own.
I will be proud as they take flight
and make their own Journey,
but it will be these precious moments 
that I have now, that I will be holding 
on to as they make their own way.
Cherish the moments...

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