Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Time is Fleeting~

It is moments like this,
that I will cherish in my memory.
Not that it was a major milestone,
or event that took place.
Just the comfort of being able
to snuggle with the boys and watch 
a simple movie together.
In this moment,
everything was right in the world.
No violence, hunger or suffering.
Not having to worry about bills, appointments
or what will happen next.
Just accepting the moment 
for what it was & enjoying every second.
There are so many that don't have this 
Just this week,
 I know of at least 5
families that have lost their Mother to 
breast cancer.
Their lives will never be the same.
They are always on my mind 
& in my heart.
Just one of the reasons why 
I will not stop fighting until we have 
found a cure.
Enjoy the moments you are given,
even if they are just as simple as this.

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