Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 thru my Eyes~

I have done some soul searching 
 decided to revamp my blog.
Call it progress...
This year,
 I am throwing out a Challenge.
 If you will...
This can take on many forms, 
should you decide to do it. 
365 days from now,
 you will be able to look back at this
  if nothing else,
see 365 pictures of life thru your own eyes.
My hope is that you will look back
seeing so much more...
Here it Goes...
The Challenge~
 Should you decide to accept it.
Each day you will take a picture of yourself.
here is where things get interesting...
You don't always have to take a picture of just
 your Beautiful Face...
Depending on how you wish to do this, 
it will change the out come.
For me, 
I will turn the blog into where I will post 
my pictures & write about it.
I will say up front, 
I will not be posting any overly revealing
 pictures of myself.
My Blog, Challenge, & Choice.
Others may chose to do theirs differently...
to keep this challenge to it's purpose.
I ask that you have no more than 4 pictures in a month, 
that are taken by someone else...
it will truly be your vision.
Final part for now...
Every Monday, 
I will throw out a extra challenge...
Call it a guide...
A way to keep things Fresh & Fun...
I hope you all will join & invite others to join in.
You can post your pictures 
choose to keep them just for yourself.
Here is to 365 days of the World through my 
( Your )

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