Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Remembering 2013 ~

As the year comes to a close,
 we look back at moments gone by...
A personal journey of 365 days that have past.
Memories of Triumphs, Laughter,
Elation, Dreams coming to Fruition, 
Goals Met, Ideas being formed, 
Exploring, taking Chances, 
welling up with Pride, and New Beginnings...
Then there were moments of,
Sadness, Tears, Heartbreak & even some Fears,
Farewells, Defeats & Disappointments.
With each experience,
we Grew...
We Learned new things.
Though we always want the Sunshine 
& Blue Sky's,
we must accept the days that are Grey 
& Rainy...
They bring us the total experience...
A Life Lived.
Never Forget the Power of ONE
Don't let Anyone Define You...
Chase your Dreams,
Defy your Fears
Keep Exploring!
May 2014 Challenge You 
take you down roads not Traveled...
Keep Believing and Never Give Up.
Have a Happy, Healthy & Safe
New Year!

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