Saturday, January 12, 2013

Savvy Saturday~ Pearl Paradise

Two weeks ago... 
I helped to launch a project called " A Pearl to Bridget "... 
Through a web search, Pearl Paradise came to our attention. 
From that simple search, we found our "Pearl" of a company.
These days you will be hard pressed to find a company that has more
 Heart & Compassion than Pearl Paradise.
They partnered with us in our endeavors to bring about a lasting
Legacy of Love for Bridget...
 I have been Amazed at the time, attention and dedication 
of not only,
 the owner himself, but all of his staff...
They have been extremely generous to our cause.
Donating, the time of their professional artisans to create our vision.
Having their "in house" photographer take pictures of our creations.
Giving back, by making a generous donation in Bridget's name to 
the Susan G. Komen 3-Day.
If that was not enough, they sent me supplies so that 
I could string the Pearls that were sent to me.
Their attention to detail, superior product and star quality customer service,
has turned a company,
 into a trusted pillar of humanity in a sea of corporate giants.
I would ask, 
that if you ever want to indulge and treat yourself or someone you love
to the gift of Pearls, 
that you look no further than Pearl Paradise.
I can promise you...
You will not be disappointed

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