Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taking the High Road~

Today, was a Test... 
Plain and Simple...
 I witnessed how truly ugly people can be,
 and how in just one whisper, 
everything can be destroyed.   
I think it also shocked me, ( but not so much )...
 To see like minded individuals, join in
with their own equal, hateful thoughts and comments...
I was also reminded, that it is these people who are so sad and unhappy in their own lives.
Who are the ones who feel it is their right,
or make it their mission,
to bring others to their level and make just as miserable.
I refuse to become one in their twisted game.
  There is enough hate and sadness in this world.
 We do not need to actively,
 "stir the pot" or continue the chain.
So it is with another lesson learned,
that I close a chapter...

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