Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holding back the Tears~

I have been struggling for the past few weeks with a respiratory infection, borderline pneumonia.  
I have taken a break from Zumba, as I can't take in a 
full breath of air without coughing up a lung.
My energy level is at an all time low
so is my patience for people.
I know that during the Holiday Season 
it is to be full of loving moments 
spent with family, friends and those that you love.
Me, I am just becoming increasingly frustrated.
Over the last few weeks I have lost some friends
due to breast cancer & one to suicide.
At a time that should be so joyous and filled 
with happy moments, I am struggling to keep a 
smile on my face and remain positive.
 I want to cry...
Cry for the Children that are without their mother,
the family that has lost their only son.
The Families & friends that are left behind to 
pick up the pieces and carry on.
Today I sent a friend 100 cards to be delivered to the Troops.
Before Tristin left for school he handed me 3 pictures.
He said, " I know it's not much, but I tried".
As he left for school I choked back the tears.
I think we all try,
 some days have better results than others...
So, tonight I may be in tears,
but I will try again tomorrow...

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