Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pearl of our Heart~

I know that the last few months I have struggled to keep up my posting a blog every day.
  It is not a sign of me not caring, or wavering
 in my conviction for the cause in which I fight.
  It has just been a difficult time for me.
  Today, one of the women that I have had the honor to meet & spend a few precious moments in her and her husband's company broke the news in her blog that she feels her time has come.
  To stop treatments and to live each day to the fullest until she is called home.
  I have read her blog and followed her journey since 
the day we have met.
  Always grateful for her honesty, and for allowing us a window into her world.
  She has educated, inspired and touched countless lives, especially mine. 
 I am never one to "let go",
 but she has asked us all to do just that.
  As I sit here tonight I struggle, 
as I know everyone touched by Bridget is.
  I hope to show the same stregnth, courage and grace
 as I do my best to honor her wishes.
  I will never forget, stop fighting or not remember this beautiful woman
 who has given so much to so many.
  Her light will forever be shining bright in the lives
 that she has touched.
  Please keep Bridget, her Husband, Family & Friends
 in your Prayers.
  Wear your Pearls & Honor this Amazing Pink Warrior... 
Here is a link to her blog if you would like to learn more about Bridget and her Journey.
  Like the tiny grain of sand that over time is worn,
 polished turning into a Pearl...
 So has Bridget through her difficult Journey.
Growing, Changing becoming more Beautiful

 Precious every day.
  She will always be the Pearl of my Heart...

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