Sunday, December 30, 2012

Something Bigger than Yourself~

Since Thursday, a simple thought,
 has turned into a Grassroots Movement.
  It's known as "A Pearl to Bridget".
  The idea behind it was simple...
If Bridget, or her Story has had an impact on you life,
send one Pearl as a sign that she has had an impact.
In Bridget's final blog
her words that will forever resonate.
                      "I'm going to ask now for just one more favor.
It is time for me to ask each of you to let me go.
 It is time to say goodbye."
For anyone of us that have been impacted by 
her Love, Friendship or Journey with 
Breast Cancer this was heart breaking.
Which did not prepare us for her final 
words to all of us... 
"Please, don't forget about me."
I ask you now, if you would want to join us?
Her time with us is short, and we want her to know,
before she leaves us that her Legacy of Love
will continue...
Here is just one more blog that I felt would 
give you more insight into who Bridget is,
and all she has done with the short time
she has been with us...
She truly is someone who, with her whole
heart believes that one person, can make 
a positive difference in this World...


  1. Thank you for linking to my blog post--"Bridget Spence and A Pearl to Bridget Project." I am pleased to be able to help in any way I can, the best way I can. Coral

  2. Bridget - To you...I am sorry I didn't get to know you prior to your final post, but I will never EVER forget you. Just like my aunt, just like my classmate, just like my cousin's wife. You will never ever be forgotten...We will fight on until there is a cure because EVERYONE deserves a lifetime...