Saturday, December 1, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Rainbow Turtle

Today I want to introduce you to an amazing company.  
It is owned & operated by a wonderful family.  
      They truly are an example of an American Success Story.                   They started their business in 2003 
with little to nothing after Dwight had lost his job.  
They have worked hard as a family and as a business 
to get to where they are today.  
They take care of large companies as well as individuals, but they have never lost sight of the importance 
of the little guy that orders.  
I was really impressed when I called to ask a few questions and had the opportunity to speak with Rainbow.  
She was gracious and helped me to find exactly 
what I was looking for.  
I am excited to work with them and spread the
 word about their company.  
In a day in age where the corporate business seem to rule, 
I love working with individuals and family owned business's.  
I hope that you can find just what you need for your crafting at Rainbow Turtle.
I know that I will be doing lots of business with them 
in the near future.
If you get a chance, read about the 
1000 Marble Story
on their site.  
It will leave you with a new perspective about life,
and what is truly important.
I can tell you that I came across Rainbow Turtle 
by accident, but now I have the feeling that I 
was meant to find them 
share their story with all of you.

Contact information for Rainbow Turtle

~ Email:

~ Telephone: 1-503-788-3396 


                                      They are located in Portland, OR

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