Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Drop the Drama~

Drama the one thing that people claim,
 that they can't stand the most.
Yet, it is the thing that most people let
 have the biggest influence in their daily lives.
It disrupts every aspect of the day.  
It takes away from all of the joy, 
goals that we have.
When we let the drama become our focal point,
 we lose track of the important things.
It drains us of our energy
It weighs on most like a ton of bricks.
So, why?
Why do we let things that are so 
 take away so much from us?
We need to stand up,
put our foot down
no longer accept what is so detrimental in our lives.
Everyone deserves to be Happy.
If others can't be happy for you,
accept you
your choices.
Let them go...
Everyone has their own path
a journey
 that is unique to them and them alone.
I think people need to take a look at their own lives...
Take stock in what is important.
Is it really rewarding
picking apart other people's lives?
Do you not have enough things in your own life
that you could be working on?
Seek to improve your own life.
Make it one that is so Amazing,
that you too don't have time for the Drama...

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