Thursday, February 21, 2013


We all have the ability to be a prism.
To take a single beam of light 
refract it into a broad color sequence.
V~ Vibrant
I ~ Incredible
B ~ Brave
G ~ Gracious
Y ~ Young
O ~ Original
R ~ Respectful
Be Vibrant, 
show your true colors.
You are Incredible, 
by just being you.
Be Brave, 
even when you are challenged beyond your comfort.
You can be Gracious, 
even in the most difficult of situations.
Be Young, 
in heart and when you play.
You are an Original, 
embrace that with your whole being.
Be Respectful, 
even if you have a different opinion.
We all have the chance every day to be a Prism.
Darkness can never reflect, 
only hold you in dark.

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