Friday, February 1, 2013

Not the Usual Friday Post~

A day like today makes you realize how fragile life really is,
 and how things can change in an instant. 
Most people who know me,  
would tell you that I am not one to get frightened easily.  
Kind of interesting that last night my post was on "Fear"... 
Living where we do, we often get "lake effect" snow,  
so I am used to it...  
That being said, driving with the boys in the car,
 I am even more aware of my surroundings.  
Today we were in the car and with the weather getting worse,  
making our way to the house.   
The roads deteriorating by the minute,  
I was being extra careful.   
Coming to a steep hill in our town that on a  
clear day can be fun to drive down,  
today almost turned deadly.  
 As we headed down the hill, I kept breaking,  
at a certain point,  
nothing I did had any affect  
on what was about to take place.   
With the roads not being recently plowed,  
and the build up between slush  
fresh snow it was like a sheet of ice.   
All I could do was pray that when we did come to a stop,  
we would be safe.   
Coming up on an intersection with two lanes of on coming traffic,
 in both directions, my head was racing.   
It was like it all happened in slow motion...  
Our light was red, as we went sailing thru  
into the on coming traffic.  
What only took seconds,  
seemed to last so much longer.    
When the car finally came to a stop.   
We were inches from being hit on both sides.   
We all were in shock...  
Out of 3 cars, I was the only one with kids.   
We all walked away without even a scratch or a dent on any car.  
It was nothing short of a miracle.   
Once reaching the house, my mind was racing...  
How things could have turned out so much differently...   
The overwhelming feeling of helplessness and lack of control, 
not a feeling that I am used to.   
Tonight, my "take away lesson"...  
Everything can change in a moment...  
Even when you are just doing every day normal things.  
Tonight, hugging the boys a little tighter,  
and saying  
Thank you to the Angels that kept us safe today...

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