Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bring about a Change~

Lately it seems like the world is going mad...
People coming unglued.
Coaches who are losing it on their players.
Road rage happening more and more.
Parents who are beating 
some end up killing their children.
People just spewing hate towards others,
and the list goes on...
Are the frustrations in life really leading us down 
this darkened road?
Many are struggling with cancer 
other illnesses.
Bills piling up,
Frustrations mounting,
Marriages crumbling...
How have we gotten this far off the path?
What happened to the Peace,
Good Will towards our fellow man?
I don't have all the answers...
I just have to keep telling myself, 
that I have to be the change I want to see...
We can't fix all that is broken,
but we can fix ourselves...
Challenge yourself,
 to be a better version of you...
If each of us did this,
imagine how the world would change.
I know that we can never go back 
to what was...
However, each of us has the Power 
to bring about a brighter future.
I challenge you today...
Keep Hope in your Heart,
Peace in your Mind,
and Believe that you can Be the Change...

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