Monday, April 29, 2013

Motivational Monday~ New Start

Sorry for not writing for the last week.
Sometimes, we have to take a break...
To recharge & to reflect about where we are.
This is what I have done for the last week.
Preparing the house to sell, 
getting ready to go look for a new house.
All of it, quite frankly is... 
With all that said,
I am excited, but also quite exhausted.
This month has also been emotional taxing, 
with the loss of a few friends.
I have had to deal with more deaths in one month, 
than I have in the last few years.
It has taken it's toll on me, 
while also making me reflect upon my life.
I know that I am getting ready to start a new chapter.
As with every new adventure there is 
excitement & uncertainty,
while wrestling with 
how to close out the current one.
Taking a deep breath,
praying a lot 
moving forward...
Can't wait to turn the page,
 so I can spend a little time 
relaxing & enjoying the Sunsets...

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