Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Power of 3~

I read this story and felt that it was worth sharing with you.  
It is a story of Love, Hope & Family.  
I hope that maybe after reading this, you will get checked. Convince a friend to get checked, and you might even ask to see your own films.  
Just so you know... 
We are the keeper of our own health, breast and otherwise.  
We need to be an active participant.  
Be a partner with your doctor.  
The life you save, might just be your own!
Three sisters are battling for their lives.  All three were diagnosed with breast cancer and each has gone through a double mastectomy.
Their great-grandmother had breast cancer, their mother had breast cancer, and in just the past eleven months, all three sisters were diagnosed with breast cancer and opted for surgery.
To make matters worse, Kathleen O'Brien just found out she has to do chemotherapy and radiation. 
As you can imagine, the medical bills are through the roof. 
Kathleen says the problem she's facing is she’s spent most of her life savings helping to take care of her sister's medical bills.
Finally some peace of mind came in the form of a 10-thousand square foot building here in the Valley. It's called Editha House. It’s a 16-room, affordable housing alternative for adult cancer patients and their caregivers. 
The cost for a private room is a nightly donation of just $20 for a studio, and $40 for a 1-bedroom or loft.
To stay, you must have a referral from a medical professional.  Rooms are occupied on a first come first serve basis.  
Valley Entrepreneur, John Kapoor, spearheaded the effort to honor his wife who passed away from Breast Cancer seven years ago.
“After being given the devastating blow to have chemo and radiation, I know to come back here and stay here for seven weeks, it’s like having my sisters and my mother here.  I think it makes my family feel better and it’s an amazing place,” Kathleen says.
Now , Kathleen hopes her story will remind all women to get tested and mammograms because early detection is so important.  In the meantime, she hopes all women will ask to see their mammogram film. 
She saw her film and pointed out some inconsistencies to her doctor.  Kathleen says that likely saved her life.
By: Stephanie Hockridge
If you want to watch the video~Phoenix ABC 15 News

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