Saturday, March 17, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Premier Designs

Welcome to Savvy Saturday!  
Today I have the honor of telling you about Premier Design Jewelry.  
My friend Leah has now been selling the jewelry for a year.  
This weekend is her one year anniversary!
In honor of this event, we are teaming up to give you a treat!
Premier Designs gives away the most free product of any direct sales company.  
If you host a home show with Leah, you will get 30% of your show total in free jewelry.
If you mention "Sunny" you will get a bonus of $25.00 in free jewelry.
If you mention "Sunny" for an individual order Leah will give you 15% off your order.
You can reach Leah at
I have several pieces of Premier Designs jewelry that I have bought from Leah.
I have found it is a quick and easy way to take your outfit from fine to fierce, 
with just one stand out signature piece.
E-mail Leah today & find out all of the new items she has to bring out your best you!

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