Sunday, March 25, 2012

Savvy Saturday's Sunday Edition~Marianne's Chocolates

Welcome to this Sunday's edition of Savvy Saturday.  If you ever are in the Historical Ashtabula Harbor you have to go to Marianne's Chocolates.  
The second you step off the street and walk into the shop you are greeted with the intoxicating smell of chocolate goodness.
  They have a wonderful assortment of chocolates and seasonal candy.
  Right now, with Easter quickly approaching they have in all of your favorite selections to add to any basket and would even make the Easter Bunny blush.
  Chocolate covered eggs in a variety of flavors, wrapped in beautiful colored foil.
Jelly beans, white & milk chocolate bunnies ranging in sizes to meet even the biggest chocolate fans sweet tooth.
  They have gourmet hand made fudge in many tempting flavors.  One that threw us off, is 3 colors and it was called "Sherbet".
  It literally tasted like a creamy sherbet melting in your mouth!
So, the next time you think Chocolates, you might want to give Marianne's a call and order some homemade mouthwatering goodness.
 Marianne's is owned & operated by
 Nicholas & Jamey Dalrymple.
The shop is located in the Historical Ashtabula Harbor
1038 Bridge Street
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

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