Saturday, March 3, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ The Glo Bag

This Savvy Saturday I get to tell you about the Glo Bag.  I love this gym bag!  
I am a proud owner of the Gold Glo Bag, which I have used  for the last year.  Mine has been used for more than just going to the gym.  I have taken it on the plane as a carry on, went to the beach to keep everything neat and even went on a hike.
  I will never use another bag.  
This is hands down the easiest way to keep organised, and every thing stays clean.  
You even have a spot to put your shoes, so they can air out away from your clothes.
The wet bag is wonderful!  I have used it on my 3-Day walks to hold all of the items I am done with, until I can get home to wash them.  I actually use it as a pillow on event.
The hanging shower bag gives you enough room to carry everything you need & 
it has it's own hook so you don't have to lay it on the counter.  
The bags are well constructed, and easy to clean. 
If you get a bag that has the Gold or Silver detailing
on it, is a beautiful detail that you usually don't see on a gym bag.  
It even has a matching bead toggle that hangs off of the zipper to give it an 
extra special touch.  
Jennifer and Kendra have thought of everything!
 Glo Bag 
When you decide that the Glo Bag is for you.
Please tell them "Malinda" sent you.
Jennifer Koutouras and Kendra Cunningham are two moms living next door to one another in a North Chicago Suburb. They have come together to design a proper gym bag. After many frustrating encounters at the gym, they decided that the bag must address the following questions:

1. Why won’t my bag fit in the locker at the gym without turning it every which way?
2. Why do I have to continually remove the bag and put it back in, in an effort to dig through and find what I need?
3. Why can’t I keep my shoes away from my other things, and quickly grab needed items (like toiletries) without hassle?
Owners~ Kendra & Jennifer
Jennifer has an MBA from DePaul University, and a background in the Finance industry. She has two children, and loves going to the gym to unwind and recharge.
Kendra has a fine arts degree, and has worked on TV and films as a costumer. She has two children, and as a busy mom, yoga is her favorite way to decompress. She likes to take the Glo bag to her yoga class as well as on weekend getaways where it fits nicely in the overhead bin or under the seat.
This ultimate gym backpack keeps everything separate and accessible. It can stand or hang in most gym lockers.
It is made with two shelves which create three compartments. The bottom compartment is intended for shoes and has vents for air circulation. The middle shelf is for the Glo Cosmetic Bag and/or Wet Bag. The upper compartment is enclosed in mesh to keep everything in its place and is a good spot for your clean clothes. There is also a convenient cell phone pouch on the backpack strap and a water bottle holder.
                                 Made with durable ballistic nylon. Easy to wipe clean.
Dimensions: 9"w x 18"h x 14"d
Fits up to men's shoe size 14 (women's 16)

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