Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sometimes we all take advantage of something or someone and forget to appreciate what we have.
It takes a moment of loss, or almost losing to sometimes gain perspective or the appreciation that is deserving.
Today, this was my situation...
I worked this weekend out in the cold and rain.
I managed to bring home with me a nasty cold & cough.
While making a snack for the boys, I had a coughing fit that came on unexpectedly.
( Did I mention that I had a knife in my hand? )
Well, I managed to take off the tip of my thumb about the size of a dime and a few layers deep.
( Who knew there would be so much blood ? )
All of a sudden the boys no longer wanted their snack?!?
Who would have thought???
I have to Thank my Nurse, Lisa who talked me through it 
My patching job was facilitated by my husband Chad.
I am not a fan of the ER.
So, if I could figure out a way not to go I was all in!
We managed to stop the bleeding & get me all patched up the best we could without going to the ER.
Now, here is where the appreciation comes in.
You never realise how much you use your thumbs till you take a chunk out of it!
Now, everything is a challenge...
Epically typing!
So with every key stroke I am reminded to be Thankful for what I have and not to take things for granted.
I am sure that we all have things in our lives that we need to be more appreciative of, ( not just our thumbs ).
So starting tonight...
Count your Blessings...
Tell People how much they mean to you...
Never Forget to see the worth in Everything...

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