Monday, April 30, 2012


How do you find balance in your life?  
To do everything that you want to do, while doing everything that you have to do.
Every day decisions that shape your life, the direction that you are moving in.
When Breast Cancer comes into your life, 
it throws the balance.
It doesn't ask you, it just takes over.
So, you are left to pick up the pieces, and try to find a new balance in your life.
What once was, no longer is...
It changes everything...
There is nothing that it doesn't touch...
It changes your...
Out look on Life,
How you view your body
Forces you to make difficult decisions...
It makes you primal, as you realise that every moment 
in life is precious.
Makes you hungry, to live each moment & not to let it slip through your fingers.
As you grasp to regain the balance,
you gain insight,
for the simple things
that most take for granted 
So as you face a new day, how do you find the balance?

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