Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Challenge to Change~

Each one of us, that participates in the 3-Day or the Race for the Cure is constantly challenged physically and sometimes even mentally.  We want more than anything to bring about a change & to help find a cure.  Not just for breast cancer, but for all cancers.  For once and for all to eradicate cancer.  To put it in it's place...  Our History books...  Sometimes it even takes us out of our comfort zone.  We each creatively try to find ways to raise funds.  I have come up with many different ideas to raise money. Tonight, I wanted to share this story with you.  Not only are these guys bringing about a change in themselves, they are bringing about awareness by challenging themselves.  


Running with purpose

Students, community members go on weekly runs to raise money, awareness for breast cancer research

By Katie Abdilla  

Jaclyn McNeal  The State NewsReprints
Junior sociology student Alex Perez, center left, and Lansing Community College student Chris Flower, center right, run on Grand River Avenue Sunday. Perez and his friends organized a charity for breast cancer in which money is donated according to the number of honks received on each run. Jaclyn McNeal/The State News

Most runners startle at the sound of a car horn — but sociology junior Alex Perez revels in it. After hearing that his co-worker’s wife currently is fighting breast cancer, Perez decided to take his concern about the disease to the streets with his campaign, Think Pink, Run Pink.
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at about 4:30 p.m., Perez and several of his friends gather at his house in Lansing Charter Township. After putting on hot pink shorts and painting the pink breast cancer awareness ribbons on their backs, chests and arms, they’re ready to leave their insecurities at the door and go for a run.
“We’re all just average Joes,” Perez said. “We have no reason to be self-conscious. There are people out there who have no hair because of chemotherapy, so we can’t be self-conscious about a little paint.”
*The route to change *
The men run from Perez’s house, then down to Bogue Street, and then take Grand River Avenue down to the Capitol building and back. For every car that honks at them during their route, they donate about 25 cents to theSusan G. Komen Race for the Cure, which they will be running on April 29. Proceeds will go toward breast cancer research and education programs.
They also hand out cards with the name of their website to people they pass by so they can go online and make donations that will go toward their goal of $500.

Katie Abdilla · The State News Posted: 04/04/12 12:33am Link to this More video
After hearing that a co-worker’s wife had breast cancer, sociology junior Alex Perez decided to start the Think Pink, Run Pink campaign to raise awareness and money toward breast cancer research.

Although the men began their campaign at the beginning of February, Perez said he still gets an adrenaline rush whenever he hears cars honk.
“It’s electric,” he said. “It’s just indescribable. It makes you stop thinking about what mile you’re on — you feel like you’re running 200 miles an hour.”
After seeing the men run past Grand River and Collingwood Drive, accounting junior Gary Cervone said they represent a cause he’d like to be a part of.
“I used to run cross country, so I’m used to the short shorts,” he said.

 “Pink is not a color I’m opposed to. Anything to support cancer is a very good thing.”
Motivate to educate
Although the team is confident in its ability to reach its donation goal, it ultimately aims to motivate people to see what its mission is all about and get involved.
MSU alumnus Josh Curtis said even though they get teased on the street occasionally, it’s all about getting people’s attention.
“We run by people who don’t know what it is, and though they may point or laugh at that moment, maybe they get home and wonder what that stands for,” he said. “We want to educate them so that they’ll never forget, and hit them deep enough for them to spread the word too.”
The cause has encouraged them to be more conscious about their health as well, since none of them were runners prior to Think Pink, Run Pink.
Perez said running with such conviction has motivated him to push himself physically.
“You don’t need a gym to have motivation,” he said. “You just need a cause, and you pick it up and run with it.”
Endless support
Perez said the team receives positive feedback from the Susan G. Komen Foundation and even has gained sponsors.
Chris Pearson, executive director of the mid-Michigan branch of the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure, said she admires the men’s efforts to think outside of the box.
“It’s something out of the ordinary,” she said. “We try to get volunteers to really stretch themselves and make an impact, and this takes what we do to the next level.”
Mike Bruce, the owner of Insty-Prints Business Printing and Marketing Services, 209 S. Washington Square, in Lansing, said he chose to have his company sponsor the campaign because he himself is a cancer survivor.
“My family has been touched by cancer so much,” he said. “Wherever I can help, I will certainly do it. If they’re taking the time to go out and run for that cause, I will support them.”

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