Saturday, April 28, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Lush

Three years ago, I finally walked into a LUSH cosmetics store while visiting my parents in Arizona.  I had walked by it many times without going in.  I thought it was just another "smell good store".  I finally made a point to go in, and ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE. 
The staff was Amazing & knowledgeable about the products.  Their infectious excitement about the products and the company had me hooked.  They even invited you to try the products in the store and would give you a small sample to take home to try.  
The staff in the Beachwood Store located in Ohio, is truly wonderful & they treat you like family.  I can't tell you how great it is to walk into the store, & to be welcomed with a great smile & talks with the staff like we are family catching up.
I’m all about being Eco-friendly, going green while helping to reducing the amount of waste that we produce.  I absolutely love it when companies embody the goal of making fabulous products that don’t harm mother earth while using natural ingredients.  
Not only is every product handmade and stickered with a picture of a LUSH employee that made my product with an expiration date, but they can tell you what farm in what country they got their fresh products from. They even ditched using palm oil in their soaps because they found out the palm oil industry was damaging precious rainforest, indigenous tribes and a rare species of animals. How can you not support a company that holds morale over profit?
70% of their products are not packaged ( or as they like to say, Naked ).  So they don't end up in land fills.  They also have a great program where you can bring back 5 black pots      ( that your goodies came in ) and get a FREE Fresh Face Mask as your glorious reward.  Win-Win!  Did I mention that I am a fan of their products?!?
   Most of their products are either vegan or vegetarian.  
Lush, is a luxury cosmetic company based in Britain.  They are known for their efforts to reduce packaging.  According to Lush, packaging is responsible for 2% of all greenhouse gases, and 8% of the world’s oil resources are used each year in producing plastics for the packaging industry. They hope that customers will take the initiative to protest about the damage done to the environment by unnecessary wastage, and avoid buying packaged goods.  About 70% of the company’s products are sold “naked”, as they are able to avoid packaging by removing water from many items. As well as soaps, they sell shampoos and bubble bars in solid form, which they estimate saves on the production, transportation and disposal of about 3 million plastic bottles a year.
I know you are wondering... Well, how do I store all of my beloved items?  They sell wonderful tins to keep your shampoo, massage and scrub bars in.  The boxes that they package their sets in can be re-used and are beautiful to display.  The "popcorn" that they use to pack with is also bio-degradable.  I bet by now,  you couldn't  tell that I am a HUGE fan of their company & products?
I could go on and on about all the things I LOVE about this company, their staff and mostly their products.  I invite you to take a look, if you can visit a store & dive into one of the most wonderful stores you could ever want to go into.  It is like bringing home a luxurious spa experience for a fraction of the cost, while protecting the environment.
It is really hard to pick as I love all of their items, but I am going to give you a list of some of my all time favorites... 
I'm even going to give you the website to check them out...

                                                                     Now, how nice am I?

1000 Kisses
Ultimate Shine
The Sacred Truth
T Tree Toner Tab
Angels on Bare Skin
Breath of Fresh Air
Full of Grace
Chou Chou... I Love You
Sweet Lips
Honey Trap
A Million Kisses
It's Raining Men
Creamed Almond & Coconut
Yuzu & Cocoa
You've Been Mangoed
Honey Bee
Dream Cream
Mange Too
Soft Coeur
Wiccy Magic Muscles
Black Stockings
Shimmy Shimmy
I know... I said a few, but I couldn't help myself...
Basically, this list will take you from Head to Toe...

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