Monday, July 16, 2012

Motivational Monday~ Just Keep Going

In this life, it is easy to get stuck...
Call it a routine, comfortable numb
or others just find it to be security.
Every now and again something will 
rock your world...
Something that makes you look at life differently.
Once that happens...
It makes you look at your life in a new light.
Was it cancer, a death or just one day
for whatever reason you woke up 
with a different out look?
You felt the need to change...
Sometimes, it is dramatic
other times it is subtitle,
but you know,
you need to change.
At that point
you can't see staying where you are,
in the job your at
or sometimes being in the relationship you are in.
It could be maybe as easy as getting a new 
For each person, it will be different
but no less of an impact.
Every day we need to keep moving forward,
growing and learning...
It is the key to our survival.
It may not be an over night journey,
but just remember...
You are worth it
embrace the change
and even if you stumble,
get up
dust yourself off
continue down your path.
Your life is a beautiful novel,
it is not a short story.
Not every chapter is going to 
be with out 
even trials, 
but I know if you believe and have faith
in the end your story will be one that is filled 
with amazing memories.
Because you embraced your desire to change.
Wishing you a beautiful journey...

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