Sunday, July 1, 2012

Moments that Live On~

Today, after our Sunrise service I decided to take a side trip.
I wasn't ready to go back to the house 
it still wasn't too hot out.
We went down to Geneva on the Lake.
I started out just aimlessly walking down the strip,
then got the idea that we should go down by the lake.
I used to love going to the beach 
just sitting by the edge, listening to the sound of the 
waves as they came to shore and then drew back.
I longed for the sound that would take me 
far, far away...
I found a little hidden entrance leading down to the beach.
I had forgotten how peaceful it could be...
Just walking along the shore line.
So serene...
Just taking it all in.
Looking at the small details.
A stone here, piece of drift wood there.
All the details & things that most people 
don't even give a second thought to...
Today, I wanted to notice all the little things.
The things that we forget to be Thankful for...
Watching the boys playing together,
trying to skip stones...
Just spending moments together.
Finding another hidden path,
we ascended from the beach...
To find another treasure that was 
just waiting to be found.
To see the look on the boy's faces 
as they looked up.
There in front of us,
a ferris wheel.
To see it through their eyes,
the depth of color,
the sheer size of it...
It was nothing less than amazing.
These are the moments that can't be bought.
No price can be paid to obtain them.
The only form of payment...
Your time.
So, when you get caught up in the day to day 
Just remember it is moments like this
that will live on long after the day ends...

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