Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nothing Promised~

We all live our lives day to day...
Some people never give it much thought,
they just go about their routine...
Never thinking about tomorrow.
maybe they think about it,
but think that nothing will ever change.
In the blink of an eye,
 everything can.
What once was, no longer is 
you are left to figure out what to do next.
You get the news from the doctor that you have 
breast cancer, maybe you get a call that there has 
been an accident or 
recieve news that a loved one has passed...
What ever it is,
life as you know it has been 
forever altered.
We are not promised tomorrow,
so we need to start living today.
In the moment, for the moment...
Never taking for granted the gift that we
have been given.
Are you happy in the life you are living?
Would you change anything?
If you answer "No" then "Yes"...
Are you willing to change?
Chase your dreams,
never give up on your happiness.
Make every day count.
Live each day to the fullest
and never forget to tell those that 
you love what they mean to you.
Don't wait for something to happen before 
Speak the words that are in your heart
 brave chasing the dreams you have dreamt...

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