Thursday, July 12, 2012

Out of the Ordinary~

Last night, I won tickets to Waldameer.
I had never been there before.
So, I decided it
was time to cross it off of my list.
We took the kids and had a wonderful time.
It was their first real amusement park
I was actually surprised to
see the boys get on every ride that they
were allowed.  
Tristin even shocked
me when he decided that he was going to
ride the biggest roller coaster there.
He rode it like a champ!
I remember when I was younger,
 it was my mission
to see how many 
rides or times I could
ride on something.
Today, it was about spending
the time, just having a good time.
No rushing from here to there...
Just taking in the moments.
I actually rode some rides that
I am not comfortable with,
as heights are not my thing. 
I managed to survive it,
 not too much worse for the wear.
Watching the kids,
their smiles.
Hearing their 
It was just what I needed.
A day out in the sun
just having fun...
Getting away from the 
normal activities...
Sometimes you just need 
to have a day away...


  1. Glad to have been there to share those moments with you and the boys........xoxo

  2. So glad you all had a fun day and made some memories that will last a life time. XOXO..