Monday, July 23, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Proud VET Leather ~ Follow up

Have you ever had a shopping experience that is so over the top that you just have to tell someone?
I have had that, with Proud VET Leather.
  Working with Steve, I have now had 3 items made that are just for me, and they are exceptional.  
A beautiful belt, that turned out better than I had ever expected.
  A stool that is so simple in design, but yet captures something that is so dear to me.
  Then a gun holster that was made specifically to fit my weapon, and has a matching symbol that will go with my belt that Steve made.  
All exquisitely crafted and made with real leather.  
Not made by a big, faceless company or off of an assembly line, made for just anyone.
  Steve listened to what I wanted, gave me some of his advice and then hand crafted these items for me.  When he was done, he followed up with me to make sure that everything was, as I wanted. 
 Did he have to do that? 
He cared enough to.  
Making the experience that much more meaningful to me.
  In a world where that kind of craftsmanship, care and dedication are so rarely seen anymore, it really impressed me.  
So today, if you are looking for something made from leather, I would encourage you to look to Proud VET Leather & Steve.  
Not only will you have what you were looking for, but you will be helping an up and coming small business that deserves your business to help it succeed.
  We need to support our Vets and our small businesses in this country.
  This is just one of the reasons why I created Savvy Saturdays.
  I love to share with you the different shops that are out there and the things that they have to offer.
  I hope that you will embrace some of these featured businesses and shops.
  They could use your support, and if it is not something you need right now, maybe you could pass the information along to someone that could.  
"Made in America" is a brand that will only continue to grow, but we have to support it and those that struggle to bring it to us. 
Here is the way you can contact Steve at Proud VET Leather.
The shop is located at:
166 Henry Martin Trail
Love Valley, NC 
( 704 ) 252- 9918
Front of Belt

Back of Belt

Stool ( Ready to Carry )

Top of Stool
Stool all set up

Holster for Weapon

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