Saturday, June 30, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Dawson's Bear Cave

Today, I get to introduce you to our newest shop in town.  
It is a great little shop that carries a variety of different sauces, mustards, dips and jellies.
 Most of their items you can sample, except for their 
exotic jerky.  
I was thrilled to see their extensive jerky selection.
  I had to try at least a few...
So, I bought the Alligator, Antelope and Elk to start... 
 The Alligator to me, tasted like Chicken, 
but a little on the dry side.  
The Antelope, pack I got was really seasoned heavily with black pepper and was also a tougher meat to me. 
 Then the Elk, it was flavored the best for my tastes, 
but was a little on the tough side.
  There are more that I want to go back & try, these were just the ones that I decided to try first time out.
  There is a section where you can get packaged snacks like banana chips, sesame sticks & chocolate covered peanuts.  There were several more kinds, but I didn't feel the
 need to name each one.  
They also have a cooler with different types of 
meat sticks and sausages. 
 I also found that they stock different shelled peanuts as well as a few different cheeses to choose from. 
 All in all, I was really impressed with this little shop that just came to be in our Historic Ashtabula Harbor. 
 I know that I will be making several more 
trips there as I was impressed.
  I hope that you will check them out!  
Here is the link to their Facebook page 
They are located at:
1127 Bridge Street
Ashtabula, OH 44004
Hours of Operation:
Open 7 Days a week

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