Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Simple Beauty~

Have you ever sat back and watched 
the sky change?
As the day starts to slip away 
the night creeps in...
Every second the colors are 
changing, the clouds are 
shifting the intensity is 
diminshing from the sky...
For many, you know 
my attraction to butterflies.
Tonight, as I looked up at the sky
I happened to see a huge butterfly 
looking back at me...
See if you can see it in the picture...
I felt at peace in that moment.
Sometimes with all that is going 
on in our lives we forget to seek 
out the simple beauty.
You don't have to take a "break the bank" 
vacation to find a piece of heaven.
Sometimes, you just need to 
step out your front door 
find the beauty 
that is there.
Maybe, you haven't noticed
because you have been too
wrapped up in other things 
to see it.
If you look close enough, 
you can find simple beauty 

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