Monday, June 25, 2012

Motivational Monday~ Purge

Today's Topic~ 
You may not see the relivence of this,
but let me try to explain...
I will be using myself as an example 
as I don't know if you can even relate to this.
As the years have gone by I have become a 
collector as some would say of "Trinkets".
I looked at them as keepsakes from moments
spent doing things I loved, or 
trying to hold on to people that I loved.
Wanting to hold on to moments that had gone by.
Now, at this point of my life...
I know that these things that I have collected
though wonderful memories each one holds...
Need to be purged...
They are holding me back from where I need to be,
and the person I want to become...
This also goes for clothes.
The clothes I hope to fit into one day
or get back to...
I am tired of trying to fit into something 
that no longer is me.
I need to be beautiful and comfortable 
with the me that is now.
That is not to say that I stop trying to 
achieve my goals.
 I just learn to let go 
of beating myself up over the fact that 
is not where I am now, at this point...
Life is a Journey,
we change as the time goes by...
Life has a way of molding us
through experiences.
Some good, others not so good
and each one leaves a print on us,
but through all of it we grow...
We need to hold on to the sweet memories
by any means possible,
but if they keep you from reaching 
your potential or goals...
You might want to sit back 
have that long talk with yourself
and then allow yourself to let go of the 
"Trinkets" but not the memories they held...
Keep Moving Forward...

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