Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mason Jar~

Spinning floating through the air
not living with a care...
The Butterfly danced in the morning sun...
Flitting, flying from place to place
with the most amazing grace...
Till one day she caught the eye 
of a child that was rushing by...
He watched as she moved 
from flower to flower.
Taken by her beauty,
he decided that he wanted to keep her.
So he went to the garage
and found himself a 
mason jar.
He took the time to 
find a hammer and nail 
to punch some holes
in the lid so that 
she would have fresh air...
He went to the garden 
and picked some
flowers so that she would 
have them.
Then he made his way 
to capturing the beauty 
that held his stare...
He found her once again
dancing in the summer sun...
He watched as she explored 
the different places in the garden.
Then he made his move.
He captured her...
Thrashing and crashing in the 
jar she kept trying to find her way out.
Finally, exhausted, she stopped to rest.
The boy watched her with great
till it was time for bed.
Then he placed her next to his head.
As he drifted off to sleep. 
All he could think about,
 was that she 
was his to keep...
By the break of dawn 
he realised that she was gone.  
He didn't know why?
He started to cry...
Simple truth of it all
she died longing to be free...

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