Thursday, June 28, 2012


"We All Need Saving"

Come on, come on
You have got to move on
This is not the you i know
This isn't real
It's just all you can feel
And that's the way that feelings go
And whether or not it's right or wrong you'll do what you will do

When the cloud in the sky starts to pour
And your life is just a storm you're braving
Don't tell yourself you can't lean on someone else
Cause we all need saving sometimes

Say what you will but the time that we fill
While we're on the earth
Should not be alone
We were meant to be known
You make me what i'm worth
But i can't keep you from yourself you'll do what you will do

I don't know why it has to be this way and
I don't know the cure
But please believe someone has felt this before

Tonight this song came to me 
as if someone was guiding me to it...
I decided that I would share it 
with you...
In the rush of life,
 sometimes we never know 
when someone needs to hear that 
they are not alone...
Some are grieving,
others are fighting,
many are braving storms...
Through it all,
we don't have to face it alone...
We just have to reach out,
know that 
there is someone that will
help us weather the storm...
It is not their job to save us
from it...
but to guide us through
till we reach the other side...
No matter how alone you may 
feel in the moment...
Know that there is 
someone that is 
willing to be that 
port in the storm for you...
They will help to shelter you,
give you comfort 
Love you...
Till you feel strong enough
to carry on...
Life is tough,
no one would tell you
it is easy...
But that being said,
it is worth it...
Every day, 
every hour
Everyone needs someone,
you don't have to go it alone...
You just have to confide
in someone...
in your Heart
You are Loved...

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  1. This is simply BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for the post and for just being you. Big PINK hugs, Lisa XOXO...